Squash Schedule (2016-17)
• Preseason Tourney – Sept. 29, 2016
• Draft Night – Sept. 29, 2016
• Winter League Regular Season – Oct. 6, 2016 – Feb. 16, 2017
• (+/- 35) Nationwide Children’s Hospital Charity Event – Dec. 2016
• Winter League Team Tourney – Feb. 23, 2017 (Semi’s) & March 2, 2017 (Finals)
• Individual Tourney Finals – March 9, 2017
• End Of Year Banquet – March 9, 2017

LEAGUE RULES: {PLEASE READ… Especially if you are a new league member}
Your captain will get an email out to their team on Friday following the draft. Your captain will go ahead and put in place the way they would like for you to respond as to if you are IN/OUT/EARLY for that week. That response needs to be delivered by 5:00PM the following Monday.

If you have signed up for this league, you have committed to providing an answer to your captain before Monday at 5:00PM. Please be sure to make your captains lives easier and be the best teammate you can be by providing your answer to your captain sooner rather than later. Any player who responds after 5:00PM on Monday is OUT.

If you are IN, you have committed to playing on Thursday night (league night) at the scheduled time your team is set to play (either 5:15, 6:15 or 7:15).

If you are EARLY, you have committed to scheduling your match with the player on the team that you are up against that week, and that match needs to be played before Thursday at 5:00 PM. For EARLIES, you have to provide the player that you are up against at least two dates and two Reasonable Times that you have available to play that week. “Reasonable Times” is defined as a time when most members would be available to play squash. For example; Wednesday at 5:30pm (or Lunch or 7:00am) is a Reasonable Time to ask someone to play squash. Wednesday morning at 5:30am (or 8:00PM) is not a Reasonable Time, unless both parties are willing and agreed upon playing at that time. If you do not provide two dates and two Reasonable Times, then you will be forfeited. If you cannot provide two Reasonable Times, then simply tell your captain that you are OUT for that week.

If you are OUT, you cannot commit to playing Early or on League Night (during your teams scheduled time slot).

Match Format – 3 games, point-a-rally to 11 points. Players must play ALL THREE GAMES.

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KC Budzik
Commissioner (2016-18)

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