Competition & Camaraderie

The ACC has a robust Squash Club of approximately 125 members. If you are new to the ACC or the game of squash it is easy to become active in our club. If you are new to the game please contact me and I will help you learn about playing opportunities. Forbes magazine rated squash as the healthiest sport in an annual survey.

Some of the highlights include:

The squash league which is comprised of four teams and the season runs from October to March with league play every Thursday evening. Regular and adult beverages are provided for a festive evening of competition.

Every Monday year round there is round robin “King of the Hill” play from 11:30 am – 1 pm. All levels of player are welcomed. Drop by during this time and we can get you involved.

Likewise, every Monday evening between 5-8 there is Mosh-Pit Monday, where challenge matches are played by league members who show up.

We offer several tournaments throughout the year including a preseason, club and flight double elimination championships, March Madness, and the Squash Out Cancer tournaments.

We have a year round challenge ladder where upon defeating someone higher ranked you assume their ladder ranking. The ladder is enforced for all league and tournament matches, but you can schedule additional matches at any time.

We also have a season opening draft party and a season ending banquet to recognize our tournament and team winners.

Lessons are available from former Top 150 PSA player Luke Forster. He can be contacted @ tsgassistantpro@gmail.com

To learn more about the Squash League please contact John Zambito at 614-458-1150, john@z-careers.com.

Squash On!